William Dempsey Wann abt.1813-1880

William Wann JP

William Dempsey Wann J.P.



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William Dempsey Wann was Justice of the Peace for the County of Armagh. Land Agent for Lord Gosford at Markethill Co Armagh and Cavan.

William Wann had a love of horses. (Source: “Letters from Markethill’ p8)

Information from 1880 Census United States in respect of William Dempsey Wann, son of William Dempsey Wann and Margaret (nee Mitchell), shows that William Dempsey Wann (the father) was born in Scotland. This does not agree with the Death Certificate for William D Wann (died New York) which states that William Wann the father was born in Ireland.

William Wann Esq. JP and Lord Gosford were described as managing a solvent and punctual tenantry. It is stated that there are some 6 hundred tenants on the Cavan estate, able and willing to pay. ( Source: Belfast News-Letter January 28,1856.)

When the committee for the Newry and Enniskillen Railway re-assembled on June 17, 1857, Mr Willam Wann, Justice of the Peace for County Armagh said that he did not know of a single landowner opposed to the railway. (source: Belfast News-Letter June 20, 1857)

Markethill Harmonic Society. —- This society gave their second musical entertainment to their friends in the Market-house, Markethill. on Tuesday evening the 25th instant; and, although the weather was very stormy and severe, the attendance was overflowing, most of the gentry of the neighbourhood and the towns adjoining being present.. This society has been organised and kept up under the sole management of William D. Wann Esq., of Markethill and by his exertions has now attained the great proficiency it has arrivred at, giving to the town and neighbourhood such occasional treats and a taste for music that is seldom, if ever, obtained in so small a town. The music was well and skillfully conducted by thier leader, Mr. Lee, of the Armagh choir. Mr Rogers and Mr. Roberts of Armagh, both kindly attended, and sang some songs in their usual good style. The other solo singers were Mr. W.D.Wann and Miss Archer. The glees and quarletts, by members of the society, were creditably performed. (Source: The Belfast News-Letter, January 28, 1859)

William Wann Esq. of Markethill was appointed by the Rector of Mullabrack, agent of the Glebe-lands of that parish (Source: Belfast News-Letter May 2, 1860)

A Crack Shot. ——- William Wann Esq., J.P. of markethill won the silver cup at the rifle shooting match , at Warrenpoint on Tuesday. Mr. Wann’s success is the more valuable, as among some forty competitors were many members of English volunteer rifle corps. The prize was given to it’s owner on the parade ground, the volunteers presenting arms followed by other demonstrations of respect. (source: Belfast News-Letter July 1, 1861)

William Wann was present as a church-warden at a meeting of the parish of Mullabrack, and was elected as a synodsman and a nominator at this meeting which was held in the school-room adjoining the church on June 8, 1870. (Source: Belfast News-Letter June 13,1870)